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Audio / Visual Committee

Director, J.B. Sinclair

J.B. Sinclair - Audio & Projector

Slot Open - Audio & Projector

Slot Open - Audio & Projector

Slot Open - Streaming Video, Wednesdays

Slot Open - Streaming Video, Sundays

Terry Sneed - Streaming Video, Sundays

Jeremy Way - Streaming Video, Sundays

Steve Womack - Streaming Video, Sundays

There are some very cool things coming up for this committee. Smart TV screens are being installed in the sanctuary as well as a permanent, folding mount for the cameras to live stream Sunday Services. Contact Jeremy Way right now for more information on this opportunity.


The Audio/Video Committee is responsible for ensuring quality sound in the sanctuary and through our streaming video, as well as quality visuals for the projector and maintaining control of the streaming graphics. It can be pretty complex at times. If you have a background in A/V technology and wish to use your skill in service to God, we'd love to hear from you. Really. Even if you have minimal background, we can train the right person. The open positions listed above are a great opportunity for new members.

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