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Join The Family That Walks Through The Storm With You.

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Hi, we're Port Royal Baptist!

You will notice our church isn't exactly a cruise ship-type of church. It's more like a Battleship designed to defend Christian families with knowledge and wisdom in uncertain times. Our church family helps one another through heartfelt prayer, community-centered missions, fun fellowship, and rock-solid teaching. This helps us become more like Christ rather than consumers. We have no interest in our church becoming big, fancy, rich, or famous... this allows us to be free to teach (and learn) biblical truths that are becoming alarmingly less popular in our American churches. Admittedly, our church is full of imperfect people seeking to become a little better with each passing moment through God's Grace. We're perfectly imperfect in Christ and we'll be excited to meet you soon!

Sunday School & Small Groups

It'll Challenge Your Life

It's always a good time to join a community of Christ Followers that dig deep to discover how the Word of God will transform lives. No matter your physical or spiritual maturity, there's always room for you and your family in one of our classes. 

Full Class listings coming soon

Let's Get Connected!

ASK US ANYTHING! Nothing is more exciting than growing our church family, finding new mission opportunities, and learning together!

707 Pinckney Boulevard

Port Royal, South Carolina 29935

At the Beaufort Naval Hospital Gate

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Phone. 843-521-1994

Our Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 207

Port Royal, SC 29935

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Talk to you soon!

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